Paintings dimensions in centimetres
(height x width)
Are you talking to me! (self-portrait), 1982, Oil on canvas, glued button, 39.8x29.7, Personal collection
Naked conformation (from natural), 1983, Oil on paper, 42.5x50, Personal collection
Chair (tests for cyclism-dynamic rays objects), 1979, Oil on canvas, 41x31, Artist possession, Concession to ENDOMOS office colection

Moving Aphrodite, 1996, Oil on canvas, 30x24, Personal collection
Night visit (A midsummer night's dream), 1995, Oil on canvas, 60x80, Collection D.Foufri - Ch.Spirtzi, Athens
Composition-detail, 1996, Oil on canvas, 70x100, Private collection

Composition-exist, 1982, Oil on canvas (+ palette knife), 90x110, Personal collection
Tin cup orange with paintbrush (atmosphere, something happens !!!), 1979, Oil on canvas, 31x41, Personal collection
Still life (exists), 1982, Oil on canvas, 90x70, Personal Collection

Birth, 1995, Oil on canvas, 70x100, Personal Collection
Nude-study (from natural), 1983, Oil on linen, 50x40, Personal Collection
Victory gives wings to an athlete, 1995, Oil on canvas, 70x100, P.Vitzilaiou-Kapamatzian Collection, Athens

Portrait (diptych), 1983, Oil on paper, 42.5x28.7, Personal Collection
Portrait (diptych), 1983, Oil on paper, 42.5x28.7, Personal Collection
Phone, cup, 1979Oil on canvas, 31x41, Personal Collection

Sequence,1995.Oil on linen,60x80. Private Collection
Marriage portion, Private Collection
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