Periklis Kostopoulos's work constitutes color and mental explosions.
The color ejections are magnificent, authentic and far-reaching. They submit inexhaustible impressions, associations, experiences, situations.
The essential characteristic is that his work is absolutely personal and in the century of globalisation it has achieved to maintain its own personal touch.

Dora Iliopoulou - Rogan
Dr. in History of Art - Art Critic

Group Exhibition - Art Beijing 2011 (Beijing, 29.04.2011 - 02.05.2011)

Group Exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery (London, 07.10.2010 - 18.10.2010)

Group Exhibition "Human figure in art" (Technopolis, Athens, Greece)

Group Exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery (London, 03.09.2009 - 14.09.2009)

Group Exhibition at JMA Gallery (Βιέννη, 09.06.2009 - 05.07.2009)
Participation in group exhibition organised by JMA Gallery, Austria in Vienna with entitled UNITED ART & ARTISTS.

19 artists from 14 countries all over the world will present their work and Periklis Costopoulos will represent Greece.

Dates: 9th of June 2009 - 5th of July 2009

The exhibition is organised in cooperation with the embassy of Ecuador and the embassador Dr Diego Stacey.

Solo exhibition at Artzone42 gallery (Athens, 16.02.2009 - 07.03.2009)

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